Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

How do I start the test?

In the first step, you fill out the form. We will then send you your tracking code, your access data, the data protection text and the order processing agreement (AVV). At the same time, you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions on how to install the tracking code. This is linked to the URL you specified in the form. The code will only work on this website. The test starts as soon as the code is installed on your website. Important for data protection-compliant tracking: Insert the data protection text incl. opt-out link at the appropriate place on your website and sign and return the AVV to us.

Is the installation of the tracking code complex?

The process takes no more than 10 minutes. For this you can use our Typo3 or WordPress extensions or the Google Tag Manager. If you use another CMS, you can find detailed instructions on how to install the code HERE. Our support team will also be happy to help you free of charge.

How much effort will I have to put in during the test phase?

There is no effort for you here. After the test phase, we will present your results and show you the software in detail.

Will I incur any costs during the test phase?

No. There are no costs for you. The test is 100% free of charge and without obligation. Your account will be automatically deactivated at the end of the test period and does not need to be cancelled separately. The presentation of your test results is of course also free of charge. So you do not take any risk.

Is the trial version different from the full version?


What happens to my data after the test phase?

If you do not decide to use LeadLab, your account will be deactivated. The collected data will be immediately and irrevocably deleted. You can export all data before the end of the test phase for further processing afterwards.


How does LeadLab work?

We use all information for identification that is transferred during a website visit, i.e. IP address, dial-up node and geolocation. We query these in various databases and the information generated is linked accordingly by our technology. Thus we generate company name, zip code, city and industry & company size. Furthermore, the corresponding decision maker information is added. In addition, all persons who can be found on Xing or LinkedIn for this company are displayed with a link.

How is LeadLab integrated on your website?

To integrate LeadLab on your website, all you need to do is embed a JavaScript code (a so-called "tracking code") in the master template of your website. You will receive the tracking code as well as step-by-step instructions for integration from us by e-mail directly after requesting your four-week free trial period. The integration of the tracking code takes a maximum of 10 minutes and is carried out by your web administrator or by the agency commissioned by you. Alternatively, the code can also be integrated via the GoogleTag Manager.

Does the WiredMinds tracking code affect my website load times?

No. LeadLab does not slow down the loading time of your website. The reason is an asynchronous code. This runs in the background and is only called once the page is fully loaded.


Does the WiredMinds tracking code affect already implemented systems?


Can I analyze marketing campaigns with LeadLab?

Yes, you can accurately measure and optimize all your online campaigns with LeadLab. With LeadLab you can see exactly which company has responded to which of your online campaigns. You can evaluate your campaigns e.g. target group specific and thus see if e.g. certain company sizes or industries have specifically interacted with your campaigns. This allows you to permanently optimize your existing Google Ads (or similar) campaigns, banners, e-mailings, social media posts, use them cost-efficiently and make the success of the campaign demonstrably measurable.

Are there interfaces to CRM systems?

Yes, with our LeadLab REST API you can integrate your LeadLab data directly into any system. You configure the output of your company visitors in LeadLab once and receive a machine-editable format (JSON), which you can then use for automatic integration into your CRM system or other systems. If you use Salesforce as your CRM system, you will receive the LeadLab data directly in your Sales Cloud with our LeadLab4Salesforce app.

Do I need to install the LeadLab software on my computer?

No. LeadLab is a web-based software. You open our application through any web browser.

Data protection

Is LeadLab data protection compliant – also with regard to the DSGVO?

Yes, LeadLab is 100% data privacy compliant, because WiredMinds places a particularly high priority on the topic of data privacy and security. For this reason, our solution has been regularly audited with regard to data protection compliance since 2007. LeadLab may be used in a commissioned relationship for reach measurement, since the website visitor must expect reach measurement. This has been confirmed by the state commissioners for data protection and information security in press releases. communicated. Reach measurement is in the legitimate interest of the website operator. With LeadLab, you work in an absolutely legally compliant manner.

Do I have to include LeadLab in the cookie banner of my website?

No. LeadLab is used in a delimited, website-oriented framework for measuring reach. WiredMinds does not create any cross-website Internet profiles on a website visitor and does not use the collected data for its own purposes. This is regulated in detail in the order processing contract that WiredMinds concludes with all customers. Consent of the website visitor through a Consent banner is therefore not required. You therefore do not have to list LeadLab in your cookie consent banner.

Do I have to indicate on the website that I use LeadLab?

Yes, you must indicate this on your website. According to the regulations of the Düsseldorfer Kreis, data protection-compliant tracking of your website visitors is only guaranteed if you refer to the use of corresponding solutions on your website. For this purpose, we will provide you with a short data protection text that you can include in the imprint or in the "Privacy Policy" section of your website. In addition, you must also give the website visitor the option to opt out of tracking. For this, too, you will receive a corresponding objection link (opt-out) from us, which you must insert.

Are cookies set by LeadLab?

No. We use all information for identification that is transferred during a website visit, i.e. IP address, dial-up node and geolocation. The intelligent data depth of our LeadLab software is not based on cookies. And for all your questions, our in-house privacy expert is always at your side. With LeadLab, you work in a comprehensively legally compliant manner.

What is the difference between reach measurement and tracking?

Reach measurement Anyone who operates a web presence (homepage, online store or company website) usually wants to know how often it is visited, whether there are regular users, from which countries they come and countries they come from, and what the user behavior on the site is like. This is generally referred to as reach measurement and can be carried out after transparent information website visitors and the possibility to object (opt-out) even without their consent. without their consent. Tracking However, if user behavior is not only used for the company's own purposes, but is also transmitted to to other parties in order to create a comprehensive "Internet profile" of the website visitor. website visitor is referred to as tracking. For this, website operators require the consent of the website visitor. The state commissioners for data privacy and information security have come to this statement: "The use of Google Analytics is only possible with consent (opt-in). consent (opt-in)."

How does LeadLab recognize companies in a data protection compliant manner?

The company identification is done via a whitelist. This whitelist only contains IP addresses of legal entities. In the event of a negative match of the IP address via the whitelist, these visits are filtered out in the standard configuration of WiredMinds LeadLab (privacy by default) and are not used for reach measurement.

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