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LeadLab Enterprise

Our B2B software LeadLab Enterprise provides you with highly relevant information about your website visitors. You recognize which companies visit your website – and thus convert anonymous website traffic into promising leads and customers of tomorrow.

Want to get more heartbeat? LeadLab re-energises your marketing and sales every day!

  • Easily find ready-to-buy B2B leads
  • Personal support from a permanent consultant
  • Services all inclusive
  • GDPR-compliant & cookie-free
  • Get a demo webinar without obligation

What LeadLab Enterprise contains

All-round carefree package

All features from LeadLab Professional plus

  • Unlimited B2B leads and users
  • Personal support from a permanent consultant
  • Individual branding of LeadLab


All inclusive package

  • Consulting + Customizing + Support
  • Privacy Advice
  • Event, campaign & funnel customizing

Network data

Integrate leads directly into their processes

  • CRM import into LeadLab
  • Integration per API feed

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    for LeadLab Enterprise

    Karin Kowalczyk
    Senior Sales Manager

    +49 711 / 585 331-378

    Unsere Kunden

    LeadLab ist integrierbar in Ihr CRM-System

    Intelligente Daten sind die Basis von Erfolg. LeadLab lässt sich ganz einfach in Ihre Systeme integrieren. Mit LeadLab bieten wir vollintegrierte Lösungen für führende CRM-Systeme. Damit sehen Sie Ihre CRM-Daten und alle relevanten Informationen aus LeadLab auf einen Blick. Das macht Sie noch effizienter und Sie verpassen nichts mehr.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I start the test?

    In the first step, you fill out the form. We will then send you your tracking code, your access data, the data protection text and the order processing agreement (AVV). At the same time, you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions on how to install the tracking code. This is linked to the URL you specified in the form. The code will only work on this website. The test starts as soon as the code is installed on your website. Important for data protection-compliant tracking: Insert the data protection text incl. opt-out link at the appropriate place on your website and sign and return the AVV to us.

    Is the installation of the tracking code complex?

    The process takes no more than 10 minutes. For this you can use our Typo3 or WordPress extensions or the Google Tag Manager. If you use another CMS, you can find detailed instructions on how to install the code HERE. Our support team will also be happy to help you free of charge.

    How much effort will I have to put in during the test phase?

    There is no effort for you here. After the test phase, we will present your results and show you the software in detail.

    Will I incur any costs during the test phase?

    No. There are no costs for you. The test is 100% free of charge and without obligation. Your account will be automatically deactivated at the end of the test period and does not need to be cancelled separately. The presentation of your test results is of course also free of charge. So you do not take any risk.

    Is the trial version different from the full version?


    What happens to my data after the test phase?

    If you do not decide to use LeadLab, your account will be deactivated. The collected data will be immediately and irrevocably deleted. You can export all data before the end of the test phase for further processing afterwards.