IP2Company: B2B visitor data for your platform users

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With our technology, we transform static IP addresses of companies into postal company addresses. You receive a data record consisting of company name, address and business data. In this way, real sales potential and new market advantages emerge from zeros and ones.

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Dashboard for users

Generate real added value for your customers

Our technology identifies the company visitors on your online directory. This allows the profile owners to see who is currently interested in their own products. Use this feature in your online directory as additional upselling potential.

Advantages for you and your platform users

Targeted approach

Platform users have the opportunity to acquire the identified companies with suitable offers. And your platform offers additional added value.

Simple integration

Implementation in your existing infrastructure is uncomplicated and does not require any cookies. Start within a few minutes.

Competitive edge

Secure a decisive competitive advantage for yourself and your users with modern technology by providing precise and detailed market insights.

The IP2Comppany technology filters out company visitors from your trade fair websites and calls the companies by name. Your exhibitors can recognize with this:

  • Which company has looked at my exhibitor profile and my products?
  • What is the full name and address of the company?
  • Which industry does the company come from?
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IP2Content recognizes companies that are currently visiting your website and adapts content in real time – even before the visitor notices. This makes it easy to:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase the relevance of content
  • Reduce bounce rates
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IP2Company data is real lead potential for your registered users – your customers. Your users can recognize it:

  • Which company has viewed my profile?
  • What is the full name and address of the company?
  • Which industry does the company come from?
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Choose from 100 data points

IP address to any data point…
You decide what you want to do

100% secure – IP2Company is data protection compliant

IP2Company does not use cookie-based retargeting and is fully compliant with data protection regulations. WiredMinds works with first-class company databases, highly developed algorithms and well-founded web analyses. You work with our technologies in a comprehensively legally compliant manner.

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