One millisecond time

Whether a website visitor enters your page deeper or jumps off – that’s up to the first few seconds. Due to the decreasing attention spans of visitors, you only have a few moments in which to score points with relevance. But what is relevant and what is not can vary from visitor to visitor; our technology works in the millisecond range, your visitor opens your page without any significant loss of loading time. When your visitor calls up your site, your content has already been fully customised for them.

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Dynamic content for B2B websites

Dynamic content for B2B websites

With the right headlines, appropriate benefit communication, illustrations, prices, shipping costs, links and everything that makes your content relevant to your visitor. And with that you create demand.

The most compelling content is tailor-made. The content that exactly pick up your company visitor to the point; in his industry, with his topics and problems. Without inconvenient clicking through and searching, but here and now and as made for him.

Positive effects of Dynamic Content

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Smarter account-based marketing

Use dynamic website content for your account-based marketing. Convince with perfectly tailored content for individual companies.

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Increased content relevance

Content elements that are tailored to your campaigns reduce bounce rates, improve the quality factor of your marketing campaigns and thus your relevance.

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Higher conversion rates

Appropriate website content leads to a longer time spent on the website. The targeted approach increases awareness and boosts your conversion rate.

Our customers

Companies from numerous industries trust in the technology of WiredMinds.

Account based marketing on a new level

Show your website visitors the right offer!

Present different industries or even individual companies in a targeted manner individual price lists or offers on your website based on the company names recognised by IP2Content. This automatically increases your turnover and reduces the effort involved in your sales processes.


Choose between
6 IP2Content attributes from

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Show different images on your website, depending on the industry recognised by your website visitors.

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Display the contact details of the responsible sales representative depending on the tracked country or even the postcode of the visitor.

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Company name

Increase the impact of your account-based marketing strategies by tailoring the content of your website to specific company names.

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Automatically fill in forms with the visitor’s domain name or integrate it into texts to achieve a stronger effect in your message.

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Sales categories

Adjust your own price offers depending on the visitor’s calculated company turnover and thus automatically increase your own sales.

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Company size

Change the sizes or quantities of your products as soon as you have found out how many employees the visitor’s company has.

Change your website content as you wish

After selecting the attributes, you can change any content on your website, such as texts, images, videos or entire content elements. This means that every website visitor only sees the content that is relevant to their industry, company size or sales category.

Dynamic content - Possible combinations of attributes and content elements

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With IP2C, we can address our target groups in a targeted manner and improve the user experience. Our conversions were measurably increased.

Felix Gerhard, CEO Solavinea GmbH

Set IP2Content intuitively

Either via API or for WordPress and TYPO3 via plug-ins and extensions

asked questions

IP2C is fully compliant with data protection regulations. Only company-related data and no personal data is processed in the queries. No IP addresses are stored during this process and no profiling takes place.

No. IP2C works completely without cookies and therefore does not need to be included in a cookie banner or similar.

All data is provided by the databases of WiredMinds GmbH. WiredMinds GmbH has specialised in the identification of company data and its presentation for various sales and marketing purposes for 27 years.

Online marketing campaigns or ad campaigns in general are usually provided with different parameters in the URL to enable meaningful analysis. Typical parameters are e.g. UTM_Source, UTM_Campaign, UTM_Term or similar. Dynamic Content allows you to customise the content of your website based on these parameters. This option can be used without restriction in IP2C Free.

You can view all companies that visit your website with LeadLab. All you have to do is save a corresponding tracking code in the IP2C plugin. You can obtain it here.

The industry codes used by IP2C are those of the Federal Statistical Office.
A full list of the branch codes you can find here .

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