How LeadLab helps you to increase your sales faster

You invest a lot of time and effort in acquiring new customers or looking after your existing customers. But are you already exhausting all the possibilities to achieve even greater sales success?

Use LeadLab to automatically fill your sales pipeline with relevant leads. In this way, you can attract real, ready-to-buy prospects at the right moment with the right offer – faster than your competitors.

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They only focus on hot leads. With our smart filters & scorings, we automatically select only those companies that are really relevant to you – according to your specifications. You don’t have to familiarize yourself with any software, the leads come directly to you via report.

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Individual lead cockpit

Everything at a glance. Our configurable dashboards provide you with the perfect overview of your leads. This makes it easy for you to see who is currently active and what interests a lead has without having to look at various statistics.

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LeadLab shows you which company has clicked on a link in your e-mail or on your signature. This way you know exactly who will respond to your e-mail and when, and can get in touch at the right time.

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Instant notification – lead alert

So you never miss a sales opportunity: Our lead alert informs you in real time when a hot lead or a company you are already in contact with is on the website. Plus: Create your own existing customer radar with the lead alert.

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Automated customer matching

Customers can be automatically marked in LeadLab – without any manual effort. This allows you to quickly recognize your customers’ needs and uncover cross-selling and up-selling potential.

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Linking with social media profiles

LeadLab is connected to social networks. This gives you, for example with one click to LinkedIn comprehensive information about the company and its employees.

Our customers

Companies from numerous industries trust in the technology of WiredMinds.

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    LeadLab Best Practices

    Win new customers

    With LeadLab, you can monitor your website visitors and then acquire them at exactly the right time.

    Reactivate former customers

    With clever filters, you can focus exclusively on former customers and contact them directly as soon as they return to your website to find out about your offers.

    Discover up-selling potential

    See which pages current customers are looking at to find out who has upselling or cross-selling potential.

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    Customer service

    LeadLab can be used to identify companies that are active in the service area on your website but do not make contact of their own accord. Proactive contact is therefore efficient.

    Existing customer care

    By tracking customer behavior on the
    website, you can better understand what existing customers are looking for and prefer. This leads to targeted and effective customer service.

    Termination prevention

    See which pages current customers are looking at to find out who has upselling or cross-selling potential.

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    Account Based Marketing

    By recognizing specific company names, you can carry out account-based marketing, e.g. via platforms such as LinkedIn.

    Online marketing strategy

    The tracked campaigns in LeadLab show which campaigns a company used to reach your website. This allows you to target your online marketing campaigns.

    Content optimizations

    You can display which sectors
    are on your website. This provides you with important
    points of reference for content marketing.

    Marketing New companies |

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    LeadLab offers unimagined opportunities for acquiring new customers. The software is indispensable in sales.

    Martin Steyer, Chairman of the Management Board, printvision AG
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