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Personalized website content is the key to a user experience

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Personalized, dynamic content – tailored to your target group

Our website personalization technology identifies the company visitors to your website even before the visitor sees the first web page content. With the right headlines, appropriate benefit communication, illustrations, prices, shipping costs, links and everything that makes your content relevant to your visitor. When your visitor calls up your site, your content has already been fully customised for them. And with that you create demand.

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Personalize website content and increase your conversion rate with dynamic content. Our technology recognizes companies that are currently visiting your website and adapts content in real time – even before the visitor notices it

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Place your trust in our expertise

We do not want to impose any technology on you. But rather integrate smart technologies in such a way that you get the most out of them! Our consultants are experienced sales and marketing specialists who provide effective, knowledgeable support.

Our customers

Companies from numerous industries trust in the technology of WiredMinds.

Optimize conversions with intelligent B2B web analytics

Our B2B software analyzes the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your website. Individual dashboards, sophisticated filters and automatic reporting ensure that you only see what you need for your web analysis – quickly, easily and without getting lost in a complex interface.

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With LeadLab, you work in a comprehensively legally secure manner. This is because we only use GDPR-compliant enterprise databases that are not subject to the data protection of individuals. Plus: The data depth of our technologies is not based on cookies. And our in-house data protection expert Günter Jobst is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

From development to data protection: Made in Germany. And that since 1997.