Your website delivers hot leads

… with LeadLab!

Our B2B software LeadLab provides you with highly relevant information about visitors on your website. You recognize which companies visit your website – and thus convert anonymous website traffic into promising leads and customers of tomorrow.

Want to get more heartbeat? LeadLab re-energises your marketing and sales every day!

  • Easily find ready-to-buy B2B leads
  • GDPR-compliant & cookie-free
  • Test LeadLab now

Known from

LeadLab explained in 3 minutes

Learn more about the companies that visit your website. Immerse yourself in the world of your corporate visitors and see what your visitors have viewed on your website. Mark important companies with one click and easily gain new customers with this background knowledge.

LeadLab Start-up

Our oackage for start-ups

Identify which companies are visiting your website.

  • Limited number of company visitors
  • 1 user for 1 domain
  • Online training ressources

Find companies ready to buy

  • Companies and general contact data
  • Top 5 of visited pages
  • Google Ads campaign linking

Enricht leads

  • Go to Google, LinkedIn, Xing with only 1 click
  • Export in 6 different formats


LeadLab Professional

The package for sales & marketing

All features of LeadLab Start-up plus:

  • Unlimited B2B leads and users
  • Up to 24 months of data storage
  • Domains & subdomains selectable

Analyse data

  • Individual filter and scoring
  • Dashboard with real-time data
  • GDPR-conform web analysis

Share information

  • Automated reports
  • Send leads

LeadLab Enterprise

The all-round carefree package

All Features of LeadLab Professional plus:

  • Personal support from a permanent consultant
  • Individual branding of LeadLab
  • Branded reports with own logo

Services all inclusive

  • Consulting + Customizing + Accompaniment
  • Privacy Advice
  • Event, campaign & funnel customizing

Network data

  • CRM import into LeadLab
  • Integration per API feed

Get sales-ready B2B leads

You may give the full version of LeadLab a 14 days free trial . Without automatic extension.

Why you do not see any prices here

Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We understand that every company is unique and has different lead potential. After the trial phase has ended, you will receive our offer – without hidden costs and with full control over your budget. If you wish, we will be happy to give you a binding price range in advance.

Company visitors at a glance

Anonymous website traffic is turned into B2B leads

Company names, data, backgrounds: LeadLab knows which companies are on your website – and why! And: LadLab helps you to better understand the company visitors to your website. Concrete purchase intention? Product information? Need for information? LeadLab provides you with relevant insights that open the door to your next customer.

Working with hot leads

Identify top prospects of your target group

You know who suits you. With a well-thought-out range of clever features, you focus exclusively on those visitors that promote your sales successfully. Your leads. We support you naturally and continuously in the configuration of your LeadLab filter: Benefit from our consulting experience from more than 1000 customer projects.

Sharing data

Integrate leads directly into your processes

LeadLab adapts to your workflow. Distribute leads to your sales team. Automatically transfer your leads to your CRM. Possible simple reporting included: online, with lead alerts by mail or individually configurable LeadLab report.

printivision Partner

Martin Steyer

Chairman of the Board
at printvision AG

“LeadLab offers unimagined opportunities for
the acquisition of new customers. The tool
is indispensable in sales.”


Timor Krimmel

Digital Projects & SEO
at BDU e.V.

“LeadLab meets all our requirements
to the website analysis. Thereby WiredMinds
the guarantor of data protection and data security.”

optimal systems

Sven Kaiser

Director Marketing at Optimal Systems GmbH

“LeadLab manages to answer the calls for help from the prospects to make audible. This allows us to react immediately and be helpful.”

Now LeadLab
Try it for free

Identify website visitors

  • Try for free
  • Setup takes only a few minutes
  • Final presentation after the end of the test phase
  • 100% GDPR compliant

    What exactly does LeadLab do?

    You expand your
    Sales opportunities

    Are you looking for companies that are interested in your products? Would you like to take full advantage of inbound marketing? With LeadLab, it’s even easier to win new customers.

    • Sales pipeline? Increased!
    • Revenue opportunities? Increases!

    You use the
    decisive moment

    Which company is currently showing strong interest in your products or services? Your LeadLab will show you. And they? Use this door opener confidently – at the time of the purchase decision.

    • Your sales cycle? Shortened!
    • Your acquisition? Unobtrusive and inspiring.

    You bind your
    Existing customers to yourself

    What do your existing customers actually do on your website? With LeadLab, you can instantly identify cross- and upselling potentials. And: You can read one or the other dissatisfaction or recognize increased need for information.

    • Existing customer turnover? Increased.
    • Retention? Improved.

    You work intelligently
    and integer: Without cookies

    LeadLab draws its enormous data depth not from cookies, but from company data. Privacy is always protected. Our standard in data protection is not only unmatched in germany, but worldwide. Our in-house data protection expert is at your side.

    • GDPR? Of course, fulfilled.
    • Cookies? Just for coffee.

    You appeal to target groups in a credible way

    How did you find your audience online? What information on your website do you click on? And do they find what they are looking for there? LeadLab makes the click paths visible. And they? Make your content even more inviting.

    • Website content? Target group optimized.
    • Addressing your target groups? Where they are.

    Inbound marketing measurably relevant

    With LeadLab, you consistently align your online marketing with the companies that are relevant to your success. We call this: 100 percent customer centering. And that’s the only way online marketing is powerful and intelligent.

    • Marketing? Measurably improved.
    • Conversions? Maximized.

    LeadLab offers undreamt-of opportunities for acquiring new customers and is an indispensable part of sales.

    Martin Steyer, CEO of printvision AG

    Our customers

    Companies from numerous industries trust in the technology of WiredMinds.


    With LeadLab, you work in a comprehensively legally secure manner. Because we only use premium databases that are not subject to the privacy of individuals. Plus: The intelligent data depth of our LeadLab software is not based on cookies. And our in-house data protection expert Günter Jobst is always at your side for all your questions.

    From development to data protection: Made in Germany. Since 2002.