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Names, data, facts: With LeadLab, you always know which companies your website visitors come from – and why they were online. And: LadLab helps you to better understand the company visitors to your website. Concrete purchase intention? Product information? Need for information? Our innovative technology provides you with marketing and sales insights that open the door to your next customers and help you achieve your marketing ROI faster. LeadLab also allows you to keep an eye on the needs of your existing customers at all times.

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LeadLab for Marketing

Exklusive marketing insights

LeadLab provides you with previously unknown information about your marketing activities. This allows you to consistently focus your online marketing on the companies that are relevant to your success.

LeadLab for Sales

New sales opportunities

LeadLab recognises which companies visit your website – and what they are interested in at that moment. The smart B2B software automatically provides you with leads that open the door to your next customer.

LeadLab Best Practices

Win new customers

With LeadLab, you can monitor your website visitors and then acquire them at exactly the right time.

Reactivate former customers

With clever filters, you can focus exclusively on former customers and contact them directly as soon as they return to your website to find out about your offers.

Discover up-selling potential

See which pages current customers are looking at to find out who has upselling or cross-selling potential.

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Account Based Marketing

By recognizing specific company names, you can carry out account-based marketing, e.g. via platforms such as LinkedIn.

Online marketing strategy

The tracked campaigns in LeadLab show which campaigns a company used to reach your website. This allows you to target your online marketing campaigns.

Content optimizations

You can display which sectors
are on your website. This provides you with important
points of reference for content marketing.

Sales New companies |

Customer service

LeadLab can be used to identify companies that are active in the service area on your website but do not make contact of their own accord. Proactive contact is therefore efficient.

Existing customer care

By tracking customer behavior on the
website, you can better understand what existing customers are looking for and prefer. This leads to targeted and effective customer service.

Termination prevention

See which pages current customers are looking at to find out who has upselling or cross-selling potential.

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Our customers

Companies from numerous industries rely on WiredMinds technology. Whether in IT, industry or other sectors, WiredMinds already supports more than 600 companies with over 2,000 websites in generating leads and increasing sales. And every month there are more of them!

    LeadLab is more than a lead list

    High recognition rates, reliable data quality, behavioral data, filters, scorings and reports are among our LeadLab standard functions.

    In addition, LeadLab offers you a unique depth of data, unlimited qualification possibilities, which – like no other solution – enables it to be adapted to every sales & marketing process. This not only provides you with lead lists, but also highly qualified, meaningful lead profiles and marketing analyses that meet all your requirements and questions.

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    LeadLab provides you with international company data to the highest standards. Our extensive databases and self-developed algorithms guarantee you the highest recognition rates and best data quality.

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    Thanks to the variety of our functions, LeadLab can be individually adapted to your company – our technology can be integrated into your processes in just a few hours. WiredMinds Consulting will help you with this.

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    Flexible integration options

    LeadLab can be easily integrated into external systems. This means that the data can be optimally integrated into your existing workflows.

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    Social media and AI

    Touchpoint analyses and social media statistics provide you with information about the company’s user journey. Links to external AI systems provide you with further relevant company information.

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    B2B heatmap

    Use the heat map to discover graphically how your target groups behave on your website and identify key areas of interest and optimization opportunities.

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    Receive additional B2B company data that you can select according to your criteria. This is how you push your lead pipeline and increase your lead pool for new campaigns.

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    With LeadLab, you work in a comprehensively legally secure manner. This is because we only use GDPR-compliant enterprise databases that are not subject to the data protection of individuals. Plus: The data depth of our technologies is not based on cookies. And our in-house data protection expert Günter Jobst is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

    From development to data protection: Made in Germany. And that since 1997.

    LeadLab pricing model

    Flexible terms and payment models

    Our contract modalities adapt to your requirements: You can choose between different terms and payment intervals: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially. For you, this means: maximum flexibility – minimum risk.

    Double price guarantee

    We give you planning security and invest in your growth: the costs for LeadLab remain constant, even if your traffic doubles. This means that for successful campaigns with an increase in traffic, you will receive even more leads, but without any additional charge. This gives you full control over your budget.

    Individual and fair pricing

    We do not have a standard price list: Our pricing depends on various factors that vary from company to company. That’s why you can test LeadLab for 14 days free of charge and without obligation. At the end of the test phase, you will receive a binding offer from us with a fixed price – with no hidden costs. On request, you can receive an initial cost estimate in advance.

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