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LeadLab x Tableau success story

WTS Advisory enriches website analysis with B2B visit data

Successes achieved

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Initial situation

As a financial advisory company, WTS Advisory presents its services on its website. Interested parties can contact the company using a form. Interested parties who do not take this step remain largely unrecognized.

The sales department at WTS Advisory was looking for effective support to make its approach to potential clients more efficient. The website analysis should focus on the B2B analysis.

To drive the growth strategy forward, WTS Advisory opted for WiredMinds LeadLab.

The company

WTS Advisory
Customer segment: B2B
Employees: > 200
Client since: 2020
In conversation: Anke Berg, Senior Manager Marketing

As a member of the WTS Group, WTS Advisory is an independent, innovative solution provider for goal-oriented consulting, active operational support and efficient outsourcing of corporate finance functions as well as valuation and transaction processes.

The challenge

  • Facilitate customer contact
  • Relevant B2B website analysis

Until now, the sales team had to use their instincts to assess which topics were important to the customer. It was therefore important to focus the general approach on topics relevant to the customer.

In marketing, a target group-specific evaluation of the website was of particular importance.

Implementation in sales

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Segmentation of leads

WTS Advisory has been using LeadLab since 2020 and is extremely pleased with its success to date. New customers were acquired and the service for existing customers was expanded:
The list of around 1,500 companies that visit the WTS Advisory website every month is heavily pre-filtered. This leaves only companies with a high level of interest.

“Our team works primarily with regional filters. This allows everyone to effectively analyze the specific regional trends and target groups. This makes it possible to identify topics for acquisition for our own customers and interested parties,” reports Anke Berg, Senior Manager Marketing at WTS Advisory. “This supports our growth strategy.”


In addition to customer acquisition, LeadLab also has great upselling potential. “If a customer is interested in a new field in which we have not yet provided support, we can actively approach them about these topics.”

Implementation in marketing


The B2B software also provides perfect support for the implementation of campaigns. With the help of LeadLab’s evaluation, success and implementation can be assessed and further steps can be optimized and planned. This is done, for example, by evaluating the respective landing page and the click behavior of the users.

Questions answered by LeadLab

  • Which interesting companies visit our website?
  • What moves our target group?
  • Who is interested in our services?
  • Which services are the most popular with our target group?
  • Was our mailing campaign successful?
  • How can we be faster than our competitors?

Visual implementation with Tableau

The team uses the business intelligence platform Tableau to easily prepare LeadLab’s data. This allows the data from LeadLab to be transferred to Tableau via an interface. This data is visualized there as dashboards.

“Thanks to the concrete data from LeadLab, we have clear and up-to-date dashboards that our team can work with,” – explains Anke Berg.

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LeadLab is our efficient marketing companion and optimizes our approach to new and existing customers.

Anke Berg, Senior Manager Marketing, WTS Advisory


LeadLab is the initial data source and starting point for all further process steps; the data is provided via the API.

The data is transferred to a database engine (Amazon Aurora) using ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) in order to model it as required in the “back end”.

The data is made visible and comprehensible via Tableau so that it can be accessed by users on various end devices.

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  • Utilizing synergy effects
  • Current data in real time
  • Evaluate traffic and display only the relevant data according to strict criteria
  • Interface to other apps
  • GDPR compliant
  • Server location in Germany

LeadLab – a strong companion
in acquisition

Thanks to LeadLab, the client WTS Advisory was able to implement its acquisition in a targeted manner. This makes it possible to address existing customers more specifically on new topics as well as to approach new customers. Website analysis helps to set up and optimize campaigns more effectively.
Previously, customers had to be approached in general terms about new topics. LeadLab made it possible to make the approach much more specific and to address clients directly if they were interested in WTS Advisory topics.

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