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IP to Company

With our technology, we transform static IP addresses of companies into postal company addresses. You will receive a data set consisting of the company name, address and economic data. In this way, real sales potential and new market advantages emerge from zeros and ones.

Advantages of IP to Company (IP2C) at a glance:

  • Website operators can play out your content for specific target groups
  • Platform operators generate upselling potential for existing offers
  • Trade fair organisers offer their exhibitors an additional lead service
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More power for
Your Marketing Ecosystem

Tailored opportunities to boost your growth

It all starts with the simple implementation of our technology via interface. Get started right away and unfold the advantages of our solution.

Best of all, you are not dependent on initial actions of your prospects. IP to Company dispenses with cookie-based retargeting and is absolutely compliant with data protection.

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For website operators

User experience tailored to the visitor

Change your website content depending on the characteristics of your website visitors, such as zip code, country,country or company size

  • Specify different prices and currencies depending on the country
  • Choose the right contact person, depending on the region of the visitor
  • Issue suitable offers by industry or company size
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For platform operators

Company portals & online directories

Our technology identifies the company visitors on your online directory. This allows the profile owners to see who is currently interested in their own products. Use this feature in your online directory as additional upselling potential.


For trade fair platform operators

Trade fair leads for trade fair organisers

Increase the trade fair success of your exhibitors with the trade fair lead service: Our technology filters out company visitors from trade fair websites and calls the companies by name. Your exhibitors can recognize with this:

  • Which company looked at my exhibitor profile?
  • What is the full name and address of the company?
  • Which industry does the company come from?

State of the Art

More than 55% of users in Germany access Google via an IPv6 address. Of course, our IP2Company technology also recognizes IPv6 addresses. In doing so, we are setting new standards in this technology.

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Choose from 100 data points

IP address to any data point…
You decide what you want to do

Don’t miss out on the companies

Interested parties visit your website every day. You look at your products and services, find out about your offer. Only: Between 90 and 98 percent of these B2B visitors leave your website without having made any specific contact. They remain anonymous. With our solutions, you can close this gap confidently. Our intelligent B2B software provides you with company names, facts, backgrounds of your website visitors. 100 percent highly relevant knowledge.

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Our customers

Companies from numerous industries rely on WiredMinds technology. Whether in IT, industry or other sectors, WiredMinds already supports more than 600 companies with over 2,000 websites in generating leads and increasing sales. And every month there are more of them!

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