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Through innovative technologies and data-driven approaches, we enable you to generate qualified leads and fully exploit your business potential.

In the complex world of mechanical engineering, generating qualified leads is a challenge. Our innovative tools enable companies in the mechanical engineering sector to identify more efficiently which potential customers are really relevant. By analyzing visitor data and tracking interactions on your website, we provide precise insights to optimize your lead generation. Increase your conversion rates and maximize your potential with WiredMinds.

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Our customers

Companies from numerous industries trust in the technology of WiredMinds.

LeadLab advantages at a glance

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Efficient new customer acquisition

Which potential new customers visit your website? With what buying interest? Use LeadLab to find out which companies are easiest to acquire next.

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Automated lead generation

Provide your sales team with the information they need to prioritize ready-to-buy leads.

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Enthusiastic existing customers

Always keep an eye on your existing customers: LeadLab informs you whether customers are interested in a repeat purchase, a replacement part or a completely new product.

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Data-driven sales growth

LeadLab supports you in every phase of your sales processes with exclusive insights. This will sustainably increase your sales growth.

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increase in sales

LeadLab supports you in every phase of your sales processes with exclusive insights. This will sustainably increase your sales growth.

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Modern inbound marketing

With LeadLab, you consistently align your online marketing with the companies that are relevant to your success.

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Smart competitive edge

Shorten your sales cycle with LeadLab and acquire customers faster than your competitors.

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Increased marketing output

LeadLab is not an additional channel, but rather shows the effects of all marketing activities and offers new opportunities for growth.

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Automatic cross-selling and up-selling

Cross-selling and up-selling potentials are automatically displayed in order to place suitable offers at the right time.

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In order to be able to carry out a qualification despite the high number of leads, we were looking for a solution that uses AI technology to enrich these leads with additional company data and information.

Stephanie Ueltzhöffer, Sales Engineer New Business Development, Pepperl+Fuchs Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH

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With LeadLab, you work in a comprehensively legally secure manner. This is because we only use GDPR-compliant enterprise databases that are not subject to the data protection of individuals. Plus: The data depth of our technologies is not based on cookies. And our in-house data protection expert Günter Jobst is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

From development to data protection: Made in Germany. And that since 1997.

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Positive effects of Dynamic Content

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Smarter account-based marketing

Use dynamic website content for your account-based marketing. Convince with perfectly tailored content for individual companies.

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Increased content relevance

Content elements that are tailored to your campaigns reduce bounce rates, improve the quality factor of your marketing campaigns and thus your relevance.

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Higher conversion rates

Appropriate website content leads to a longer time spent on the website. The targeted approach increases awareness and boosts your conversion rate.

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With IP2C, we can address our target groups in a targeted manner and improve the user experience. Our conversions were measurably increased.

Felix Gerhard, CEO Solavinea GmbH